Catholics United for the Faith

The group “Catholics United” has been taking out advertisements supporting the current healthcare legislation. Given the similarity of their name to ours, there has been some confusion.

Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) is not affiliated in any way with the group “Catholics United.” This post on the CUF Blog offers further clarification.

Make no mistake: We are united “for the faith,” not for any political agenda; we are united for Christ, His Church, the Pope, and all the bishops in union with him, not for any politician or political party. CUF’s mission is to form Catholics in the faith–and help non-Catholics to learn what the Church really teaches.

(And, as always, CUF needs your support to do so!)

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  1. Sarah Rozman,

    Why can’t you sue the apostate socialist group known as “Catholics United”?

    I for one am sick and tired of these apostate and heretical liberals who have hijacked the terms social justice and common good and mis-quoted Rerum Novarum completley out of context to suit to Marxist agenda of death to babies and sexual immorality. It’s time these obstinately defiant pseudo-Catholics are STOPPED.

  2. Sarah Rozman’s comments are right on. Paul Salt, Exec Dir. of “Catholics United” was on the Bill O’Reilly program last evening. No distinction was made between that organization and “Catholics United for the Faith”. It could be that people who confuse the two might with hold any more contributions to CUF.

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