Catholic Bible Concordance Update

Recently, we discovered a production error that inadvertently left out a small section of the overall work. The remaining inventory was immediately sent out to be repaired to correct the error. In addition, we are in the process of printing inserts for individuals that had purchased the RSV-CE Concordance prior to us discovering the error. Each person will be contacted and mailed an insert as soon as they are available. If a customer prefers a new book to be shipped rather then an insert, we are happy to accommodate their needs.

If you know of someone who has purchased the book other than directly from Emmaus Road Publishing, please have them contact us so we send them the corrected material (questions [at] or 1-800-398-5470).  We want to do everything possible to remedy this situation and make the book a useful and complete resource for those desiring to study Sacred Scripture.

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  1. I’ve read the reviews at that the pages initially left out was glued back to the book as a way of rectifying the problem. I would like to know whether the new batch of the book has been published with the problem solved or not because I intend to purchase the same. If the answer is in the negative, please let me know when the rectified book will be published. Thanks.

  2. The second printing of the Catholic Bible Concordance is at the printer. Yes, the pages that were left out (and later inserted) in the first printing are included in the second printing. We do not yet have a delivery date from the printer, but we will post here when the second printing arrives at the Emmaus Road warehouse.

  3. I also received a copy with the glued pages. Just waiting for the 2nd edition that does not have the pages glued back in. Has it been delivered from the printer? thanks

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