Burning Question

Yesterday Phillip Cosby of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families happened to have good seats at Senator McCain’s town hall meeting here in Kansas City. When Sen. McCain opened it up to questions, he went right up to Phillip and handed him the microphone. Here’s what Phillip asked:

“Senator McCain, our nation faces a grave domestic threat with the inundation of highly sexualized images and materials flooding our communities, stealing the innocence of our children, and destroying families with their negative impact. Parents are overwhelmed and unable to contend with pervasive emerging technologies that provide easy access to pornographic images. Our children can innocently type in the word ‘Snow White’ on a keyboard and there is no telling what images are going to assault them. Sir, the first job of government is to provide for public safety.  Senator McCain, if a community had a contaminated water source would it be good public policy for those in authority to merely suggest to residents that they attach filters to their faucets?  Senator McCain, do you remember a time when you and I were of grade school age and could freely play all day on a Saturday in our neighborhoods without fear?  What mother today would not shudder at that prospect?  Children today do not now know the kind of freedom and security we once knew.  Where are those carefree groups of kids today?  Sir, our entertainment and communication networks are choked with highly addictive, sexualized images.  Parents are overmatched by the aggressive strategies of the sex industry.  What will your administration do to help parents and communities contend against this domestic threat?”

In my next post I will give you Senator McCain’s response.

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