Bishop Vasa: Strong Praise for CUF

Bishop Robert Vasa, who was a special guest and speaker at CUF’s 40th Anniversary Conference, has begun a 4-part series on CUF in his diocesan newspaper. A snippet:

The fact that the establishment of Catholics United for the Faith coincided with the rejection of Humanae Vitae by many in the Church is no coincidence. Just as Pope Paul VI’s encyclical was a courageous act, so also the founder, H. Lyman Stebbins, took a bold and courageous step in standing up and clearly stating: We accept and embrace this counter-cultural teaching, we are Catholic, we are united, we affirm our faith, we affirm our faith in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we affirm our faith that Christ is with His Church and we affirm this teaching of Pope Paul VI because he is Peter upon whom Christ has built His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against Her.

Click here to read the rest: Courage in the Catholic Church is nothing new

Thank you, your Excellency!

Hat tip to Jeff Ziegler.

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