Baptism Practices…from Fr. Z

Over at WDTPRS?, Fr. Z answers a question about the validity of a baptism. He offers a number of considerations as to why priests might do “wacky” things with the sacraments (including the pressure they sometimes receive from the parishioners requesting the sacrament) and also recognizes the distress that such uncertainty about validity can cause the faithful.

In CUF’s history, we have received all sorts of questions concerning the sacraments and the liturgy, including ones from the faithful who are wondering whether a sacrament–frequently the Eucharist, Baptism, or Confession–was valid. A good portion of the faithful’s questions, concerns, and fears could be allayed quite easily, as Fr. Z says: “I implore you Reverend Fathers… Your Excellencies…. don’t go for gimmicks or cuteness. For the love of God, just do the red and say the black.”

But perhaps the best part was a little extra rant at the end:

Oh yes… since I am ranting now… one last thing.

Lay people: When you name your baby, just pick a saints name, spell it correctly and move on to the next task in your lives.   We can discuss “name” issues under a different blog entry.

There… I feel better now.

Questions like this are also a pointed reminder to pray for our priests and to continue to form ourselves and our children in the faith.

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