“An Ounce of Prevention…”

Consider the following dialogue:

Q: “So in other words, a woman who finds herself pregnant at age 15 will have a higher breast cancer risk if she chooses to abort that pregnancy than if she carries the pregnancy to term, correct?”

A: “Probably, yes.”

The only thing surprising about this matter-of-fact admission is that it was made by a scientist appearing under oath as a witness for a group of abortionists, for the purpose of making the case against the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link!

Why does abortion have any influence over a woman’s future risk of contracting breast cancer?

Almost immediately after conception, a mother’s ovaries begin secreting ever increasing quantities of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen’s job is to make the cells in the breasts proliferate, so that the breasts will become large enough to feed the baby after birth. It is not until the third trimester – until about 32 weeks gestation – that other hormones make these cells differentiate into milk-producing tissues. If this process is interrupted by abortion (or even live birth) before differentiation takes place, a woman is left with more cancer-vulnerable cells in her breasts than were there before she became pregnant. This translates into a higher risk of breast cancer later in life.

Importantly, most pregnancies that end in spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) do so because of inadequate hormonal secretion by the ovaries. Consequently, there is no substantial overexposure to growth-promoting estrogen, and no increase in the risk of breast cancer.

To learn more about the ABC link discussion, read the full article.

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