Advancing a Heterosexual Agenda

There has been extensive upheaval following the passage of California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. In the wake of the election, some supporters of same-sex marriage have vandalized churches, made threats, boycotted and harassed businesses whose owners or employees contributed to the “Yes on 8″ campaign.

As Christians, we’re not going to respond in kind. I thought it would be helpful to revisit an article Leon Suprenant wrote for the September/October 2008 issue of Lay Witness: “Who’s Hiding in the Closet Now?: What Catholics Must Do to Combat the Homosexual Agenda.”

Also, The Curt Jester points readers to a letter from San Francisco’s Archbishop George H. Niederauer written in response to the “hate and name calling in the aftermath of Proposition 8.”

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