A Policy of Bloodshed

The New York Times reports that recent attention from Westerners as well as economic questions have presented a new challenge to the One-Child Policy in China. Stories of forced late-term abortions have been reported and circulated through blogs, shedding light on what the “family planning” policy looks like at the micro level. Edward Wong writes:

Recent reports of women being coerced into late-term abortions by local officials have thrust China’s population control policy into the spotlight and ignited an outcry among policy advisers and scholars who are seeking to push central officials to fundamentally change or repeal a law that penalizes families for having more than one child. Pressure to alter the policy is building on other fronts as well, as economists say that China’s aging population and dwindling pool of young, cheap labor will be a significant factor in slowing the nation’s economic growth rate.

The article notes chillingly that the country’s official family planning commission recently celebrated their work, citing their achievement of having “helped avoid 400 million births” since 1980. That disturbing number should give us pause and encourage us to do whatever we can to promote the culture of life.

For more background information and to learn how to get involved, visit the Population Research Institute’s site.

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