Me? A Missionary?

Yes, me. And you, too. In his homily for World Mission Sunday, which we just observed, Fr. Ray Ryland (CUF’s spiritual advisor and a convert from the Episcopal church) talks about why “Evangelization is Everybody’s Job”:

If one judges from the small number of people we Catholics bring to Christ and His Church each year, the Great Commission seems to be our “Great Omission.” Many of our non-Catholic friends’ zeal for evangelization puts most of us Catholics to shame. We have much to learn and a great deal to do. . . . .

In his encyclical on evangelization, Pope Paul VI made this clear statement: The Church “exists in order to evangelize.” . . . .

If you know anything about the Catholic Church and the Gospel, you can evangelize.

Read it here. Then get out and share the good news!

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