New Cathedral Plans for Steubenville!

This evening after celebrating Mass to kick off the second annual Fortnight for Freedom promoting religious liberty, Steubenville Bishop Jeffrey Monforton unveiled plans for the renovation of Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Steubenville.

“The Diocese of Steubenville was established in 1944,” the Bishop told those in attendance. “But we will comb through the archival records and ideally be able to acknowledge all parishes that existed within the diocesan pastoral footprint prior to 1944.” Bishop Monforton said that “all parishes have equal importance in building up the Kingdom” and said he hoped the renovated cathedral would serve as a “living archive” of each parish in the diocese.

Seeking to update the Romanesque architecture is only one part of the ambitious project. The bishop of this 40,000 member diocese expressed a desire that the renovated cathedral will also contribute to the renewal of the local community, and a “renewal of our commitment to personal holiness, sacred service, and unity of purpose.”

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